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To register for our upcoming 2014 continuing education workshops, please click here. We are offering ethics and other professional development workshops for all mental health professionals thoughout the year. Reserve your spot by signing up today!

Welcome to AK Counseling & Consulting, Inc.
A Partnership for Change

We are a culturally diverse group of licensed psychologists offering a broad range of counseling and psychological services to individuals, couples, groups, and organizations. Our services are offered within a holistic and wellness philosophy that emphasizes the importance and value of individual and organizational diversity. Through individual, couples, and group therapy, our psychologists specialize in helping people address and cope with the complex and varied problems and issues of relationships, career, and everyday living as well as helping people manage and overcome life's more serious challenges.

At AK Counseling & Consulting, Inc., we also provide organizational consulting to public and private business and industry, educational and academic institutions, and local and community agencies. As consultants, we strive to assist organizations and businesses to identify areas of concern and to help with evaluating, planning, and implementing innovative strategies to enhance the workplace environment.

AK Counseling & Consulting offers a wide range of educational and outreach programs to groups and organizations. We specialize in offering informational programs both to the general public as well as continuing education training programs to mental health professionals. These programs are in the areas of diversity issues and multicultural psychotherapy, career and workplace environment enhancement, sport and performance psychology.